"The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever,

Or It's FREE !!!"

Finally, a guarantee that is rock solid , no strings attached !

How can we make such an offer ?

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How would you like to have your carpet so clean your bare feet will swear it is new carpet?

We're talking down to the base of the fiber, squeaky clean!

You've never had this deep of a cleaning before, I guarantee it!

I'm so confident that you'll not get a deeper, more thorough cleaning anywhere else, that I'll refuse to cash your check if you don't agree!

Bob  Savage

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That steam cleaning, or hot water extraction cleaning,
when performed by an approved, trained professional,
that will maintain your carpet warranty!!!
Bonnet carpet cleaning, and carpet dry cleaning,
are NOT endorsed, nor approved, by the major carpet mills.

Read this link from Shaw Carpet Mills.
for carpet cleaning

Read this link from Shaw Carpet Mills.
for area rug cleaning

Read this link from Mohawk Carpet Mills.

A lot of other carpet cleaning companies charge less for their cleaning service.

That's because they should.

At Perfection, our focus is on making your carpet look the BEST it can look, and stay that way. Our attention to detail, on-going training certification classes, and our position within the carpet cleaning industry, gives you a company that puts SERVICE above all else — PERFECTION.

We want to be YOUR carpet and upholstery cleaning company for LIFE!!!

Here at PERFECTION, we take our business seriously,  giving you all of the effort that we have.


I insist that all of my technicians are certified by the largest organized cleaning body in the world to ensure that you are getting the best, most thorough cleaning available at any price.

Because my technicians and I are dedicated in ensuring that you get the most accurate cleaning information, we belong to organizations designed to keep us abreast of rapid industry changes and advancements. The BEST news is that you are the recipient of all this training!

Networking is also the key these days. Things are changing so fast that we need to be in touch with others that are top in our organization. Again, this allows us to know how to do your cleaning job to leave your carpets squeaky clean with no residues.

We are also on the board of directors for organizing the largest carpet cleaning event every year, known as Summerfest, where many top professional carpet cleaners throughout the US and Canada, gather to network and learn more about this industry over a 4 day weekend. This event is held around the country once a year, from California to the east coast, and different points in-between.

Networking online with our peers gives us an advantage over other cleaners not taking advantage of this new learning opportunity. We can clean those Berbers, off-white and white upholstery, remove that red stain, specialty fabrics and more for you with the care and results you have been looking for.

With new carpet changes, we are able to stay current with the right cleaning methods. We know how to properly care for your expensive carpets.

Our truckmounted dry steam cleaning system is so unique that we have a patent filed on it with the U.S. Patent Office. We are the only cleaning service in your area with such a machine, and will always be. By utilizing a dual cleaning truck mount dry steam machine, we are able to concentrate more efficiently on our cleaning task for you. We are never in a hurry. In fact, we take the time to make sure everything on your job is done correctly.

All of the above is important, but none of it, including shiny new vans and crisp uniforms, means anything unless the technician doing the work has an ATTITUDE to take the time to do the job correctly, charging a fair price for the work done, is honest, and can be trusted while in your home.

If you're looking for cheap, brush the dirt off type of cleaning, please keep flipping the pages because I won't accept lower payment for a lower cleaning standard.

We give you more than you expected, so much more that if we are not
the most thorough carpet cleaning company you have ever experienced,
the work is




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Bob Savage
PERFECTION Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


PERFECTION is pleased to announce that
Bockrath Carpet and Oriental Rugs,
located on Far Hills Ave.,
has endorsed PERFECTION
as their carpet cleaner of choice
for all of their clients.

                            ...Thanks Bockrath!


Whether it's a quality wall-to-wall carpet, or a fine wool Oriental rug,
you can trust us to clean it all!

Krispin's Contemporary Furniture Showcase,
located on Miamisburg-Centerville Rd.,
has been recommending us to their clients,
concerning their furniture cleaning needs, for years.

                            ...Thanks Krispins!


For all of your fine fabric cleaning, you can rely upon us to do the BEST job possible.
We are nationally recognized furniture cleaning experts!





299-1256 or 235-1150

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    fax: 937-299-4330
mobile: 937-776-2684 — 937-776-3881 — 937-776-3873

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fyi-yellow.jpg (1871 bytes)Here are some popular cleaning myths that you should read about. I have heard these many times over the years.  I thought you might like to hear the truth, when it comes to YOUR carpet or upholstery!

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